As directed by the agency’s bylaws, WCAC’s Board of Directors is a tripartite board comprised equally of representatives of the public sector, private sector and community.


  • Don Xenos, Chair
  • Karen Rucks Walker, Vice Chair, Designee for Mayor Joseph Petty
  • Brian Westerlind, Treasurer, Designee for Senator Harriette Chandler
  • Steve Desmarais,  Assistant Treasurer
  • Donna Lombardi, Clerk
  • Eve Gilmore, Assistant Clerk

Board of Directors

  • Dale Allen
  • Leslie Baker, Clerk, Designee for Representative Joe McKenna
  • Eric Batista, Designee for City Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr.
  • Kathryn Crockett, Designee for Senator Michael Moore
  • Arianna Curet
  • Marco Estrella
  • Eve Gilmore
  • Mark Gustafson, Head Start Policy Council designee
  • Noreen Johnson Smith
  • Peter J. Martin, Esquire
  • Sean Lauziere
  • Kristen Lemire
  • Gladys Rodriguez-Parker, Designee for Congressman James P. McGovern
  • Janice Ryan Weekes