As directed by the agency’s bylaws, WCAC’s Board of Directors is a tripartite board comprised equally of representatives of the public sector, private sector and community.


  • Noreen Johnson Smith, Chair
  • Don Xenos, Vice Chair
  • Steven Desmarais, Treasurer, Designee for Senator Harriette Chandler
  • Brian Westerlind,  Assistant Treasurer
  • Leslie Baker, Clerk, Designee for Representative Joe McKenna
  • Donna Lombardi, Assistant Clerk

Board of Directors

  • Dale Allen
  • Eric Batista, Designee for City Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr.
  • Kathryn Crockett, Designee for Senator Michael Moore
  • Arianna Curet
  • Marco Estrella
  • Eve Gilmore
  • Mark Gustafson, Head Start Policy Council designee
  • Olta Kodra
  • Peter J. Martin, Esquire
  • Sean Lauziere
  • Kristen Lemire
  • Gladys Rodriguez-Parker, Designee for Congressman James P. McGovern
  • Karen Rucks, Designee for Mayor Joseph Petty
  • Janice Ryan Weekes

2020 Board Meeting Schedule & Agendas


2019 Board Meeting Schedule & Agendas

2018 WCAC Board Meeting Schedule & Agendas

2017 WCAC Board Meeting Schedule & Agendas

2016 WCAC Board Meeting Schedule & Agendas


In order to do our part to keep our employees, our clients and the community safe, WCAC’s administrative offices remain closed to the public due to COVID19. Staff is working and is available by both email and phone, but please be patient if there is a delay in our response time. Please email us at or call 508-754-1176 to leave a message for our staff.