WCAC Executive Director Marybeth Campbell

In 2020, we will be celebrating our 55th year of service to the community and our plan is to continue to be a lifeline to those when they need it, be a resource for a lifetime when it’s required, and be a life changing force that alters a person’s or family’s path.

WCAC embodies service to people and place through our mission: helping people move to economic self-sufficiency through programs, partnerships and advocacy.   We are the federally designated community action agency charged with reducing the impact of poverty in Worcester and 45 surrounding communities in Central and Southern Worcester County. We are one of 23 agencies like us across the state and one of more than 1000 nationally.

At the very heart of what Community Action provides, we are … even at our minimum capacity, THE most effective and proven system of safety net  programs focused on helping our most disadvantaged, vulnerable, and insecure neighbors stay out of poverty or at the very least access relief from it.

While poverty still exists and income gaps have widened… they do so in spite of the persistent, resilient, and widespread impact of community action.  Resiliency is a key concept because since our inception, community action agencies have faced a constant barrage of politics, policies, and pathologies that have threatened to diminish or inhibit our returns and, yet, were it not for our existence the number of people in poverty would be double.

The role Worcester Community Action Council has played is no exception. Our clients are our neighbors, our friends, sometimes our family, and they range in age from prenatal to elderly.  We serve low-income individuals and households, children and families, youth and young adults, senior citizens, and individuals living and working with disabilities.  We are your community.

Our history shows that together, we do better.  Thank you to those who have supported our efforts throughout the past year. Please join us in harnessing our mutual desire to keep our community growing, equitably.

– Marybeth Campbell, Executive Director

WCAC remains committed to excellence, best practices and accountability for all of our staff, programs, policies and procedures to ensure those in need receive valuable services that help them move to economic self-sufficiency. Review our Strategic Plan below.

WCAC Community Services Block Grant Community Action Plan 2015 – 2017

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