119 malden #5The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is federally funded and designed to help homeowners and renters keep heat in their homes. If you are a Fuel Assistance client, or are otherwise eligible for discounted utility rates, and your place of residence has not been weatherized (insulated, air-sealed and weather-stripped) by WCAC since September 30, 1994, you may qualify for this program.

The Worcester Community Action Council currently has contracts with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the major local utility companies to install energy conservation measures in low-income homes throughout Central and Southern Worcester County. Each home receives an in-depth inspection by a certified energy auditor to assess conservation needs and the safety and efficiency of the primary heating system. All work is subject to the availability of funding.

Contact 508 754-1176 to determine your eligibility.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: WCAC's main office remains closed due to ongoing building issues. Fuel clients can call 508-754-7281 to check on the status of your application by entering your social security number and/or to leave a voicemail for staff to call back. For all other home heating inquiries please contact For all other matters contact    (Updated 5/23/2022)